trinas pachmisali

My product is luxury

In order to be a mixed entrepreneur, these two hands come up with all sorts of things.At work I maintain two things very well.

1) Present your work in a smart way
2) Make your own product, presentation, in professional way

The work has to be different than the others, it has to be presented in a different way, and the product has to be beautiful

So you are the best, you are different,

I usually try to be different from the other in terms of work ,,, in turn, if everyone’s product is one, the demand decreases, if your work is different than the other, there will be a lot of demand, people’s attention and tha.

customer happiness is my first choice

When I was a child, I used to take it as a receipt.
And now who is going to meet the customer’s demand as a big receipt?
I became a mixed entrepreneur in a hurry, even before that I had studied for two years to check and choose the product, I got a lot of customers, I didn’t put all the customers in the customer’s place, I made some sisters, some brothers, some friends. ,
Another receipt in two months of entrepreneurial life is a sale of Rs
There is a long story behind this cell, there is a lot of its own
Labor ,, has to wake up night after night ,, time